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The 3 most important project framing questions.
Published 6/17/2018 in Decision Coaching
It is Monday morning. Your boss steps in to your cubicle and sits down. She has just returned from a weekend planning retreat with the CEO and the heads of the other business units. Your business unit is lagging and there is a rumor that Apple is about to make a move into your space. The CEO wants a recommendation for action. The CEO wants to consider everything from getting out of this... read more ❯

Energy Blog

Transactive Energy: A Sustainable Business and Regulatory Model for California
Published 4/19/2016 in Energy
Ed Cazalet and Steve Barrager submitted their vision of the electric energy ecosystem of the future to the SEPA 51st State project. The 51st State project began in 2015 as a call for innovation around what the future of the energy market might look like. In Phase I of the project people were asked to take a blank canvas and describe the ideal market structures from the ground up. In Phase II... read more ❯