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What will come after Big Data? Decision Engineering.
Published 1/31/2020 in Decision Coaching
It is beginning to feel like the excitement about Big Data is peaking. Thanks to the digitial transformation we are now able to collect enormous amounts of raw information (data) about people and how they spend their time on line. This information is vitally important to understanding who our customers are and how they act. Now the challenge is to use that information to increase efficiency, more ❯

Energy Blog

Popular Transactive Energy book is now published in Chinese and Japanese
Published 9/29/2018 in Energy
Transactive Energy is about applying fundamental business concepts to move our electric power markets to a new paradigm. The new paradigm uses forward and spot transactions to manage risk, and to guide investment and operating decisions. Our current business model is command and control.  This century old centralized approach is rapidly moving to a decentralized energy ecosystem. The more ❯