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Decision Coaching 1.0: What is a good decision?
Published 12/10/2014 in Decision Coaching
Bain Consulting started a new initiative recently, “The Decision-driven Organization.”   I like the idea of looking at a company through the lens of the decisions that it makes.   Decision making is where thinking and doing overlap.  There is a lot of leverage in that overlap. To quote Bain, “Great organizations make great decisions. They make those decisions quickly more ❯

Energy Blog

All storage devices should have access to wholesale energy prices.
Published 12/10/2014 in Energy
  Tesla has announced a plant to build more lithium-ion batteries than all the battery factories in the world. They will break ground  soon and will start producing batteries in 2017.  Three quarters of production is slated for Tesla vehicles. The rest will be backup systems for residential customers with PV panels. Tesla's plans come at a opportune time. The state of California more ❯