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Decision Coaching 1.0: What is a good decision?
Published 12/10/2014 in Decision Coaching
Bain Consulting started a new initiative recently, “The Decision-driven Organization.”   I like the idea of looking at a company through the lens of the decisions that it makes.   Decision making is where thinking and doing overlap.  There is a lot of leverage in that overlap. To quote Bain, “Great organizations make great decisions. They make those decisions quickly more ❯

Energy Blog

The Transactive Energy business model is scaleable.
Published 5/11/2015 in Energy
A business model is "scaleable" if it works over a range of system sizes. It the case of electric power this means the business model works for small systems like microgrids, or large systems like geographic regions without changing the rules. The Transactive Energy (TE) model is scaleable. We can go from the neighborhood level and to the North American grid level without changing the more ❯