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Decision Coaching

My article on decision coaching was published in the June, 2016, issue of the IEEE Engineering Management Review.┬áThe title of the article is “A New Engineering Profession is Emerging: Decision Coach. The abstract reads as follows:

“More than half of the decisions faced by corporate executives deal with expansion or investment in new and existing products, services, or geographies. These decisions are complicated technically and organizationally. As a result, the decisions tend to be made by teams from multiple functions: research, engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, public relations, and legal.

Strategic decision making has become a team sport. Teams need coaches to help pick the right processes; apply the right tools; facilitate learning; and manage projects.

This article is about an emerging profession: decision coach. The article explains why most decision coaches will probably begin their careers as decision engineers.”

I hope that this article stimulates a good discussion of what decision engineering is; what decision coaching is; and what we need to do to build the profession. To follow the discussion just join this blog.

Steve Barrager