Inappropriate framing is the root cause of most bad decisions in business and in government. All too often we get the right answer to the wrong question.

This slidedoc is a practical introduction to decision framing for decision engineers and strategic planners. These 46 PDF slides introduce the broad topic of framing and then link framing to strategic decision making. Three types of framing  are covered: project framing, content framing, and interpersonal framing.

Most projects get off track from the beginning because they are not framed well. Teams do not take the time to answer three simple questions. What are we going to do? Why are we doing it? And, how will we know if we are successful.





Framestorming comes before.001Content framing defines the playing field for a decision. Who is going to be involved? Are the boundaries too narrow? What systems are we considering? Are we using the appropriate values? What assumptions are we making about reality?





How do you see yourself.001Interpersonal framing is perhaps the most important and the least understood part of framing. This slide deck introduces the topic of interpersonal framing.  It provides some practical ways of thinking about how we see ourselves and how we see others. In the end, decisions are all about people.

A case study, design of the C5 Corvette, is used to illustrate several important framing tools: issue raising, the decision basis, the framing hierarchy, the strategy table, and the decision diagram.

This guide will give you a good overview of the practical aspects of framing. It is based on decades of research and consulting practice. Framing is at the edge of professional decision coaching practice. This guide will help you get grounded before diving into your next project.